Our Ethos

Unlocking communication potential

Communication looks different in every single individual and at different stages of their development. We strive to unlock the communication potential in each of our children in order to support them to get their message across. This may not always be through words, but through non-verbal communication (actions, signs, pictures and even roaring!).

How do we unlock their communication potential you ask? Well, through fun, motivating activities that make communication irresistible!


Parent/Guardian’s involvement

In order to achieve good outcomes, it is vital that parents/guardians are involved in therapy sessions. Parents will be taught strategies and activities to carry out with their children on a daily basis in order to maximise their progress.


Aims of Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is not always about “fixing” the problem. In some cases we might focus on supporting individuals to communicate to their full potential to make everyday interactions successful.